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Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, last week my Abuela (grandma) and my Mom came over to see me and the girls :-) I was feelin' really depressed during that time and I was so happy to see them. We were talkin' and hangin out and I decided Hey! Why not do your makeup! lol, corny I know, but I was so excited to do it and it really took my mind off of some bothersome things. And they loved it! So, here ya go......

Yes, that is my Mother, NOT my sister, lol. Isn't she gorgeous? I hope I age as gracefully as her

My grandmother has really dark under eye circles, and that's actually where I inherited mine from. I used Boi-ing by Benefit to completely conceal them and voila! Knocked a good 20 years off that beautiful face of hers :-)

She just turned 68 today:-)

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  1. wow your mother looks so young and pretty!! you did really great makeovers on both of them! =]