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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Haul Segment...

Hey beautiful people :-) What cha guys up to? So, this is another part of my huge haul, I took a BUNCH of pix! This is all stuff that I got over the last 2 weeks. It's not all of it, but a lot of it. Hope u guys enjoy! BTW, I am a supa bargain hunter, like the best of the best :) So, you will be amazed at how much I paid 4 this stuff. Really. I've worn some of these pieces already so it no longer has the tag and I no longer know the exact price but I pretty much remember them enough to give a close estimate. So, here we goooooo............

about $10.00

Read this shirt ;-) I had 2 get it cuz sumtimes that's just how I feel!


about $10.00

about $7.00


about $12.00
I love this bubble hem dress!


(front) on sale for $7.99






about $13.00


on sale for $4.99!!!!!!!!!!

on sale for $4.99!!!!!!!!!!

about $15.00

on sale for $4.99!!!!!!!




on sale for $4.99!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow girl! you gots so much stuff you could open your own boutique lol. I like the white and grey dress, that's hot and the 2nd & 3rd shoes are tight. you dun good :)

  2. awsomeee, you make me want to go shopping lol
    those are GREAT prices, where do you go shopping?

  3. I shop where ever there's a great deal. I wish I could post everything I bought but I think I already over did it a lil', lol. I went shopping at, Wet Seal, Ross, Susie's Deals, Fashion Q, Fallas, and that's about it. Maybe a couple more places here and there, but those were where I went the most.

  4. Great stuff girl! I love bargain shopping too. It makes me feel good that I can get such great things for such a small amount. I definitely would love to go shopping with you one day. When I come visit Las Vegas or you come visit New York...we can show each other the best places to go bargain shopping. haha. Take care mamas.