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Sunday, September 18, 2011

As The Time Goes

Hi Loves! How's September treating you so far? I hope it's been kind. Weather has been a little crazy over my way, but I can't really complain. I was a little tired of the scorching heat already, lol. So, if you've yet to hear my amazing news...here it goes.... *dramatic pause* my Son is WALKING now!!!!!!!!! Omg, you guys should have seen my face! Tears just shot out, it was crazy! My little munchkin hasn't stopped walking since. He'll be running before Winter hits at this rate, lol. I'm so excited for him and yet I find myself a little sad as well. He's the last of our 3 babies that had to learn to walk. I can't believe he's growing so fast and that I'll never get to experience this again :-( Of course , I'm beyond grateful for his health and progress but I'm going to dearly miss my baby being a baby. *sigh* whelp, I knew this day would come, so I'll embrace it as it is and make sure to hug and squeeze my little cutie patootie a billion times a day :-) I hope you all are having an amazing weekend <3 Talk to you soon!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

In Case You Missed it......

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Muuuaaahhh! *Peace Sign*

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st Grade, Curls....& More Curls!

Hi Loves! How are you guys?! Ready for Labor Day weekend? Hope everyone has fun plans or at least gets to relax before starting your work week back up again. Things have been kind of hectic my way with my Tiana starting 1st grade and all. It's been so exciting! My baby's a 1st grader *proud Mommy moment* :-) Congrats to all of you that sent your babies off to school this month, isn't it such a bitter sweet moment? You're excited for them to get bigger but yet you dearly miss when they were babies. That's life, I guess.
Here's my lovely Tiana on her 1st day as a 1st Grader!

It seems a lot of you have been interested in my curly hair and how it's changed. I recently mentioned that I no longer have to use Mixed Chicks to tame my curls and some of you were kinda shocked about that, lol. I wanted to show you how my hair is after I wash it and let it dry naturally. All I used was my Morrocan Oil, Chi Keratin Mist, and Chi Silk Infusion.   
That's how it dries now and I, myself can't believe that it's not frizzed out into a big poof ball! Trimming your hair and taking care of it really does pay off. I still like to use a little bit of my Mixed Chicks just to help tame my curls a little cause they can take on a life of their own, but frizz isn't quite an issue like it was before. So, there ya have it. My hair in it's natural state :-)

   It gets kinda crazy back there, lol
I really hope you all have an amazing week. I'll be seeing you in my next video shortly <3 Muaahhh! *peace sign*

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes it's the little things...

                    How can a simple bottle of nail polish make us so happy? There's so many gorgeous colors out there, I just want them all! I mean, there's a color for every mood you could ever possibly be in. It may sound crazy, but randomly thru out the day I'll look down at my nails and just smile, lol. Colors make me happy :-) I hope these colors make you smile, too :-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We have some catching up to do :-)

Hi my loves! I hope you had a great start to your week :-) I'm trying to get in the swing of blogging again so I decided to set it up on my iPhone 4 :-) This is the 1st post that I'm writing from my phone so let's hope this works out. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, then you'll know that I recently put up a smokey eye tutorial. The response from that look has been really great and it's been motivating me. Not to mention, a lot of you were really taken away by my hair which is ironic cause it was pretty easy to do. So, of course I'm going to have to do a tutorial on it soon so be on the look out! I'm excited to film it and I hope you all give it a try. Volumized hair just seems to make everything better, lol. I hope you have a beautiful week and I'll be in touch :-)

I'll leave you with a special picture. This is the lovely lady that came up to me at IMATS and happily said she was subbed to my YouTube channel! <3

Friday, December 17, 2010


Today's a sad day for me. One year ago today, I lost someone very close to me. He was only 25. I can't believe an entire year has passed. He'd been in my life since I was 13 years old. Our last words weren't the kindest and we didnt quite get to smooth things over and now I have to live with that. I feel so sad in a helpless way cause there's nothing I can do about it. I just really wish he would come to me in my dreams.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vincent Jr.-6 months old since June 10th :-)

 Here's one of the Loves of my life :-)


Are you ready for Christmas?

This year has been going beautifully. We finally got our son, Tiana started school, Mya's learning a whole lot, my Husband's doing well at his job. Things have really been great. This is the time when I really find myself reflecting on my life. Take a moment to reflect and enjoy the stroll down memory lane. And, as far as the rough spots from your past go, consider them lessons learned and try to appreciate it all.
Happy Holidays, Loves!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mascara Review! Imju Fiberwig's "Lash Knockout"

Well, hello there gorgeous! How has the week been treating you? Beautifully I hope :-) If you guys don't know by now, I'm kiiiiiinnnndddaaaaa obsessed with mascara. I've tried so so so many. I know everyone says that, but I can seriously come up with 20 names in like 2 seconds, lol. Everything from drugstore mascaras to $30 mascaras. With that said, I have come across my HG mascara. My Imju Fiberwig never fails me. It keeps my lashes curled just how I curled it ALL DAY. It never smudges. It's easy to take off (you just need warm water!) It makes my lashes look longer and pitch black. I do have to work with it a bit to get the volume I want, tho. That's what lead me to try their new release "Lash Knockout." It is supposed to deliver amazing volume and still carry the other characteristics from their best selling formula. I tried it. I fell in love....again. Then it broke my heart. But, we still talk.

Why did it break my heart? We had to call it quits cause it smudged on me :-( I completely thought it was impossible for any Imju Fiberwig mascara to smudge. It seems like any mascara that I try that's advertised to give volume ends up smudging on me! I just don't get it. How ironic is that when all I really need is volume since I'm happy with the length of my lashes? Years ago I could wear ANY mascara I wanted and I never had issues with smudging. Now, I can't even wear waterproof formulas cause even they smudge on me. That's why my heart belongs to Fiberwig. It's the ONLY mascara that doesn't smudge on me no matter what. So, I'll be staying true to their main formula. I'll just throw some extra coats and I'll get my desired volume, no biggie. The results of "Lash Knockout" are truly gorgeous, tho.
Oh, and excuse my tiredness in the pix, didn't get much sleep and it was late at night when I took these.

 I'll probably do a post on the other formula that is completely smudge free so you can compare. Now, I leave you with a lil' something to make you smile :-)
 I LOVE his eyes! He is just so perfect in every way :-) He looks at me with so much love and with this expression like he knows how much I love him :-) We have such a beautiful connection! I could go on and on, lol.
 Till next time my loves! Muaahh!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tutorial Fail :-/

Hi Loves! How's your Monday treating you? Great, I hope! So, about a week ago I was up late (like always) and I felt inspired to make a youtube vid. I had a makeup tutorial in mind so I went downstairs to my vanity and started putting colors on. I thought it was going well, but I really didn't like the outcome. I was so disappointed that I didn't even post the vid :-( I did, however, take some pix of the outcome and........yeah. Try to be nice, lol.
*sigh* I had such high hopes for this look. But the stars weren't aligned, my hands weren't blending to their best ability, and my spirit was brought down by the bad lighting. And, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get black eyeliner from bleeding into my under eye creases. I set the liner with powder, I tried putting the liner before concealer and after, I tried my Blacktrack fluidline (which held up the best but still not satisfying). Ladies, what am I missing??? Uugh. Are my eyes just destined to be the home of all smudges of the world?

Enough about the negative and on to the positive :-)
Our lovely son, Vincent Jr. is growing beautifully. He is such an easy baby, it's unreal. Each child I have seems to be easier newborns to handle than the last, lol. Here's some pix I took of him today :-)
Aaaahhhhh.....I could squeeeze my laptop right now, lol! He's the most perfect baby boy ever :-)

Well, ladies, I'm gonna go finish filiming this mascara review now. It's about the new Josie Maran mascara with argan oil in it. Check out the outcome by clicking here.
Have a beautiful night/day & I'll holla at cha soon!