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Friday, December 17, 2010


Today's a sad day for me. One year ago today, I lost someone very close to me. He was only 25. I can't believe an entire year has passed. He'd been in my life since I was 13 years old. Our last words weren't the kindest and we didnt quite get to smooth things over and now I have to live with that. I feel so sad in a helpless way cause there's nothing I can do about it. I just really wish he would come to me in my dreams.


  1. Oh i am sorry! just focus on the good times you both had together. Keep him in your thoughts always.

  2. hey, i give you my condolences to you :(
    i dunno if you believe in this sorta stuff, but my best friends abuela used to tell us to did this thing so we could dream of someone who has passed away. it took me 3 nights until it finally wokred where i had a dream about my dead grandpa & i was able to talk to him and we left off on a good note

  3. Hi, thank you and I'm interested in knowing what your Abuela told you to do. Please let me know when you have a chance, thanx

  4. sorry i am SO late!
    but here is what you needa do:

    get a picture of the person, and a white candle. light the candle and look at the picture. and say:
    you are gone forever, but through this spell my dreams to which, you will come.
    once the candle is burnt out, put it on the picture and place the picture and candle next to you when you sleep (like on ur nightstand or sumthin) and go to bed.

    i remember i went to bed and it didn work, but be patient- it should work by the 3rd try.

    hope this helps, i know some people prolly think its crazy but i remember how happy i was to finally make peace with my grandpa