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Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st Grade, Curls....& More Curls!

Hi Loves! How are you guys?! Ready for Labor Day weekend? Hope everyone has fun plans or at least gets to relax before starting your work week back up again. Things have been kind of hectic my way with my Tiana starting 1st grade and all. It's been so exciting! My baby's a 1st grader *proud Mommy moment* :-) Congrats to all of you that sent your babies off to school this month, isn't it such a bitter sweet moment? You're excited for them to get bigger but yet you dearly miss when they were babies. That's life, I guess.
Here's my lovely Tiana on her 1st day as a 1st Grader!

It seems a lot of you have been interested in my curly hair and how it's changed. I recently mentioned that I no longer have to use Mixed Chicks to tame my curls and some of you were kinda shocked about that, lol. I wanted to show you how my hair is after I wash it and let it dry naturally. All I used was my Morrocan Oil, Chi Keratin Mist, and Chi Silk Infusion.   
That's how it dries now and I, myself can't believe that it's not frizzed out into a big poof ball! Trimming your hair and taking care of it really does pay off. I still like to use a little bit of my Mixed Chicks just to help tame my curls a little cause they can take on a life of their own, but frizz isn't quite an issue like it was before. So, there ya have it. My hair in it's natural state :-)

   It gets kinda crazy back there, lol
I really hope you all have an amazing week. I'll be seeing you in my next video shortly <3 Muaahhh! *peace sign*

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