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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tutorial Fail :-/

Hi Loves! How's your Monday treating you? Great, I hope! So, about a week ago I was up late (like always) and I felt inspired to make a youtube vid. I had a makeup tutorial in mind so I went downstairs to my vanity and started putting colors on. I thought it was going well, but I really didn't like the outcome. I was so disappointed that I didn't even post the vid :-( I did, however, take some pix of the outcome and........yeah. Try to be nice, lol.
*sigh* I had such high hopes for this look. But the stars weren't aligned, my hands weren't blending to their best ability, and my spirit was brought down by the bad lighting. And, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get black eyeliner from bleeding into my under eye creases. I set the liner with powder, I tried putting the liner before concealer and after, I tried my Blacktrack fluidline (which held up the best but still not satisfying). Ladies, what am I missing??? Uugh. Are my eyes just destined to be the home of all smudges of the world?

Enough about the negative and on to the positive :-)
Our lovely son, Vincent Jr. is growing beautifully. He is such an easy baby, it's unreal. Each child I have seems to be easier newborns to handle than the last, lol. Here's some pix I took of him today :-)
Aaaahhhhh.....I could squeeeze my laptop right now, lol! He's the most perfect baby boy ever :-)

Well, ladies, I'm gonna go finish filiming this mascara review now. It's about the new Josie Maran mascara with argan oil in it. Check out the outcome by clicking here.
Have a beautiful night/day & I'll holla at cha soon!


  1. He is soooooo cute! i didn't even read the first half of this blog post because i saw his picture! :-D

  2. he is ADORABLE!!!! sooooo cuteeee...im going to have a baby in feb. next year and i cnt wait when i see your cute babyyy...
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    or follow the journey through my pregnancy

  3. Aww..your baby boy is way too cute!!!..congrats! =)

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  4. Hmm... We should really be friends!?!?... u r my kinda peeps, lol :)

  5. Auuww you're too sweet! I'd love to be your friend :-)