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Monday, April 6, 2009

March 28, 2009! Woo Woo!!! :-P

Sooooo..... I had a fabulous night out with ItsJudyTime (Judy) and RissRose2 (Marissa)!!! We met up around 8:30pm and I made it home at almost 8am. Yeah....it was fun! Here are some pics and some footage of the event ;-)

(click pic 2 enlarge)

My Beloved Beyonce Moment

The Fabulous Judy & I!!!

Bathroom Shot!


The Gorgeous Marissa & I!!!

The Dance Of The Night, lol :-P

Isn't Stacey (far left) fierce! Her makeup is gorgeous & she's such a nice girl :-)<3

Is it over already?

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