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Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Shoot in the Studio!

Hi Guys!
Long time no talk, How are ya? I need you to do me a favor right now........SMILE! K, now we can proceed :-)  Yesterday me and my husband had some fun in his studio. We had a cute lil' photo shoot, lol. He's an aspiring and fabulous DJ! Introducing the infamous Double-0-Zer0 ... the DJ :-) 

Me & His other Babies, lol

All the pix didn't make the final cut, but we're happy with the outcome, lol. So, on another topic----> If you haven't already seen it, I posted a youtube vid about why I should be chosen to hang out and get made over with YouTube Guru's RissRose2 & ItsJudyTime this Saturday night. And..................I won!!! Kinda, lol. They picked another person to receive the makeover but also asked me if I wanted to party with them :-) I'm excited to get outta the house and go out with some nice and down to earth people. I'm sure we're gonna tear Vegas up!

I've been looking into trying a new skin care line. I currently use Neutrogena and I want to try out the Philosophy line. Have any of you guys tried it out? If so, how do you like it? Is it worth the cost? I'm really interested. Let me know! I've read great reviews on it but I'd like to get more opinions.
Talk to you guys soon! :-p


  1. Hey girl, for me that purity lotion clogged my pores...I've been using Neutrogena and Clearasil forever...with no real solution to my breakouts...but finally heard OLAY works (Dr. Oz on Oprah) because it has vitamin E in it and a few other things...ever since I switched Olay has been the best yet! Specifically I use Olay Complete Lathering cleanser (its a yellow and white bottle)...so if your inquiring on trying a new skin care product, I suggest Olay! Have a good one!!