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Monday, April 20, 2009

I ♥ China Glaze


Without Flash

With Flash

My fav color ever is Blue, but I've never really worn it on my nails. I saw this at Sally's Beauty Supply and decided to venture out into the unknown, lol. I put it on and OMG! I am in love all over again, people! I adore it. And, btw China Glaze is fabulous. I took this pic after I'd had it on for like 4-5 days. I have 10 bottles of them so far, and loooooooove them :-)


  1. yeah I've never thought to wear blue maybe a navy, i tend to stick to nudes, pinks or corals. This is cute tho u applied it neat too. Ur ring is gorgeous also :)

  2. Thank you :-) Girl, don't be scared! Venture into the wonderful world of colors and get some blue nail polish! lol