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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shocking Pink!

I can't stare at this color enough! I LOVE this nail polish! It's called "Shocking Pink" by China Glaze and it's a Neon color that is just gorgeous. It almost glows it's SO neon *Love* Oh and I can't believe it but I finally won something! I entered a twitter giveaway that China Glaze was having and I actually won! And, the prize was amazing :-D I won the entire "Up & Away" collection. Yes, all 12 gorgeous polishes!!!! I LOVE CHINA GLAZE!!!!

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  1. Hi,just want to say congrats for your family and good luck with the little boy!.
    My name is Yohanna and i´m living in Spain but i´m from Uruguay that´s why this spanglish i have,the reason why you catched my attention is that we have similar families i have 2 girls and i´m pregnant too,so i will continue following your vids while i have time.....(not much)....bye chica