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Saturday, March 27, 2010

28 Weeks Today! :-)

Hey guys! How are you?! Hope everyone is doing great :-) I'm 28 weeks pregnant today....and it just hit me that-that means I'm now 7 months along! Time is running by us sooo quickly, it's surreal. My pregnancy has been really smooth and I'm SO grateful for that. This is the first normal pregnancy that I've ever had. My last two were anything buy normal and were quite stressful. Our son now weighs in at 2 lbs. 9 oz. :-) My little cutie-patootie will be here soon!!!

The other day my husband & I made a bet. A very serious bet. He bet me that the baby is going to weigh 8 lbs. or more and I bet him that he would weight 7 lbs. or more, but not 8 (at birth). What was the wager, you ask? Well, if I win, I get to go on a huge shopping spree after I lose the weight I want to lose. If he wins, I am banned from buying clothes, makeup, shoes, accessories...pretty much anything beauty related for an entire year! My intuition tells me that I'm gonna win, but if I don't then.......let's just keep it positive and say I'm gonna win, lol :-p

Other than being pregnant, I've just been taking care of my family, trying to keep up with them actually, lol. And, trying to keep up with my home, making sure it's nice and clean and what not. My husband has been THE best. On his days off he takes care of the girls, makes me breakfast in bed, & lets me sleep in as long as I need to. It's a really great feeling to be surrounded by real love. That's about all I have for you guys as far as updates go! Everything's been great :-)

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  1. hey there girlie, i have been following you for a long time (i never peak in to say hey i just enjoy your vidoes and blog post, but i came across this one and i know im late and you prolly answered this somewhere (maybe in the vincent jr debut vid) but oh well i missed it, so who won the bet you or your hubby? lol i have noticed u buying stuff and going to IMATS lol so maybe you huh?