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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today was THE BIG DAY!...well, 1 of them, lol

Hi Loves! How are you guys? I hope everyone is feelin' happy on this beautiful Tuesday evening :-) We just got home from my doctor's appointment & from a lil' grocery shopping. My appointment went GREAT! Turns out I'm 8 & 1/2 weeks pregnant!!!!! Which is pretty crazy considering I took 4 pregnancy tests at home and they were all negative back in the end of September. And, they tested me at my doctor's appointment back on Oct. 7th & that one was negative as well. I kept telling my family & my doctor that I felt pregnant (I've had 2 children already, I kinda know my body by now,lol). My husband believed me but no one else did. Well, there it is! 8 & 1/2 weeks pregnant and counting!!! We were hoping for twins, but there was only 1 lil peanut in there, lol. With a very strong heartbeat, might I add :-) Overall my appointment went great, the nurse said that everything looked perfect, including the baby :-) We're so excited! This is our first planned pregnancy! Oh and FYI, the pregnancy tests that are sold @ the $0.99 Store are THE EXACT SAME ONES that are used at your doctor's office. How do I know this, you ask? Cause my doctor and my nurses told me. So, don't waste $10-$20 of your hard earned money on a pregnancy test @ Wal*Mart & etc. Just head on over to the Dollar Store and your good to go! I do suggest that you always always always buy more than one test so that your certain. My case is a very rare one & it's never happened to me before. Well, I'll keep you guys posted and thank you for following my blog! Hello to all my new followers *hugs* See you soon! :-)


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  2. I have twins and it's not easy....Plus, I didn't find out that I was pregnant with twins until I was 5 months prego and that was my second ultra sound (they say sometimes the other baby will hide behind the other) God Bless, and I hope it's the boy that you both are hoping for but I pray for a happy and health pregnancy and baby.

  3. I already congratulated you on YT, but congrats again!

    And please check my latest blog post, because I awarded you the "One Lovely Blog" award! Remember to link back to me, and thanks for being you =)