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Monday, September 14, 2009

Wut stole my heart....

My Looooooovvvveessss!!!!! I've missed you! How have u all been? Are u followin' me on Twitter yet? :-) Follow me so we can stay in closer touch! I have a confession to make. I'm in love again and it's not with my husband. Let me elaborate. I'm in love with my GHD Pure flat iron, my Clarisonic, Mario Badescu products & The Body Shop. *Phew*So, don't kill me,k? lol Laaaadies! These are my top 4 products right now! Ch-ch-check it out *singin*.....

This beauty right here is the Clarisonic Mia ($149). It's a facial cleaning brush that oscillates 300 times per
second. It cleans your face 6 times deeper than traditional cleansing and is basically...the bombest thing ever, lol :-) This is the travel size (that's why it's cheaper). After I use this my skin feels incredibly soft and clean. It is glowing like no ones business. I've already seen my pores get smaller and smaller! I love it and it's much cheaper than the full size version. But the brush head is the same size as the full size one. This comes in white & pink (of course,I have the pink one;-) and you can get it from Sephora or Clarisonic.com. I got mine from Sephora & part of the proceeds from this supports Breast Cancer Awareness!

I recently went through about a jillion different samples of moisturizers from Sephora & ditched my old Nuetrogena in search of the right one for my changing skin. That pretty much sucked:-(cuz nothing really worked for me. So, I read about Mario Badescu stuff & saw great reviews on it. Then I found out that I could get free samples!!! So, I did and it worked great for my skin. I got a few different things in full size that I didn't have samples of (needed spf & stuff) and I LOVE IT!It's really making my skin feel great and I love how natural they're products are! I will never put anything else on my face again. Their price point doesn't hurt either, literally :-)

Isn't that sexy? This is the best lookin' flat iron I've ever seen....ever. Lol. If ya'll haven't yet noticed, I research everything before I buy it. It's become a helluva habit, actually! And, people cannot stop raving about this flat iron. I have wanted this thing for so damn long, but the price was killin me! So, I waited on getting it and got the CHI instead & I liked it alot...a whole lot. But, it didn't straighten my hair completely and it didn't do anything for humidity resistance. So I finally decided on getting this & searched my way around to find some discounts. I ended up getting mine from Folica.com for $229! Which is still expensive but better than spending $270 which is what everyone else is selling it for(and I mean everyone)! This flat iron leaves my hair like literal silk, doesn't fry my hair, makes my hair resist humidity like none other, heats up crazy fast, & will automatically shut off if it isn't used for 30 straight minutes. And, it looks GREAT. The packaging is amazing & it comes with an instructional DVD!

*sigh* Just lookin' at this picture makes me feel soft and cozy. I am so hooked on this body butter, it's crazy. I was using Sephora Brand body butter, which was nice. And, I was using "Bliss" Body Butter before that, which was pricey but nice. But, honestly, neither of the 2 compare to this one. The Sephora one would always leave an oil slick behind & the Bliss one wouldn't last that long. This one not only absorbs quickly, but it doesn't leave any residue, smells soooooo great, and it actually LASTS! I'm now using this daily, paired up with The Body Shop's Olive body wash & their coconut body scrub. My skin feels so luxuriously soft that even my Husband noticed
:-)Ladies, you already know that's a great feeling, right there:-)It's also cheaper than the Bliss body butter & although it's also cheaper than the Sephora one, the Sephora one comes with more ounces of product. The Body Shop is also a really great company to buy from (you should google it!). Will I be using any thing else on my skin? Probably never, unless my skin magically becomes allergic to great stuff.

Until next time, Ladies! Thanks for slidin' through and showin' ya girl some love! Love u guys!

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