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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aaaahhhh NEW Fav Mascara!!!!

My Loves!!!!! How are you?!?!?!

It's been soooo long! I hope everyone is doin' fantabulous ;-) If you've watched my youtube vids, you'll know that I've been raving about Lash Blast mascara. It's a really great mascara and I've been using it everyday. Kinda been cheating on my M.A.C Plush Lash w/it, lol. BUT.........wait for it....wait for it........MAYBELLINE PULSE PERFECTION!!! 1st of all, I haven't even used my Shu Uemura eyelash curler since using this!!! This mascara is off the chain, guys. It curls my eyelashes just like my curler if not more, it seperates, it thickens, and....lengthens!!! This is the most perfect mascara I've ever used, no joke. I just had to share this with you! Oh, and I just got my new GHD Pure flat iron and will be tryin it soon. I'll be back w/an update to let you know if it's better than my Chi! Love u guys & Stay tuned!


  1. wah thanks for the review I will definitely buy one of these ....check out my blog: http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/2009/07/beauty-diy-keep-your-eyelashes-thick.html

    dont know if u tried this diy thing

  2. wow im def. gonna try this mascara thank u!!! Anyways i saw ur family video and ur family is gooooooooooooooooorgoussssssss damn girl u lucky, God has blessed u so much girl! What's ur family's ethnicity? coz yall look so exotic and damn beautiful !
    Anyways girl good luck with tryna get a baby boy, ill b praying for ya, crossing my fingers and everything girl! Keep keeping up! xoxo Grace

  3. Thank you soooo much for the love!!! Our ethnecities are pretty mixed up, actually, lol. I'm half Dominican and half El Salvadorian. My husband is half Black and half Romanian. Crazy, huh, lol

  4. hiya girl, you are so beautiful! please make more vids!!!! we Misss uuuu!! Come Back!

  5. Auuww thank u!!!!! I'll be back soon :-) Promise :-) Thank you so much for your patience :-)